Device & Network Test Automation

InnoVoir’s device and network test automation platform allows telcos to manage remote automated testing of  devices or mobile networks from a single pane of glass. This platform can be installed on a public cloud or on premises without sacrificing any capabilities.

Enterprise-Grade Test Automation

  • Cloud Managed Remote Automated Testing

  • Seamless External API Integration and Automation

  • Automated regression and sanity testing between devices and various types of networks

  • Centrally available dashboards, reports and test results

  • Integrated Mobile Device Management(MDM)

How InnoVoir's Device & Network platform helps?

Key Features

Device Configuration Profile Create configuration profiles once and then apply them to devices at scale using workflow

Device, Network Test Automation Create test profiles once and then schedule them on devices at scale using workflow

Reporting and alerts Custom reports and granular device alerts for managing by exception

Software Updates Test updates on a single device, then stage rollouts to groups based on custom rules, at will with automation.

Enhanced visibility Device vitals like status, health, battery, and usage at a glance. Set custom alerts automated monitoring.

Troubleshoot from anywhere Remotely control and debug your system in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Real time device monitoring Track devices in real-time and set up a virtual geofence to protect your assets.

Eliminate device tampering With a hardened kiosk mode, you can lock devices down so users only access what you want.

Protect system integrity Control when apps get added, updated, and removed — on the fly, at any time. As often as you need

Remote management View and control devices, troubleshoot issues, or generate a debugging report. From anywhere.